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Today’s rising stars become tomorrow’s leaders. Do you nurture and develop, or do you try to hire the best?


As you change careers,  how can you best change the focus of your working life and make a successful transition into a new organisational culture ?


Our Focus is on nuturing talent and developing leadership skills. We specialise in coaching programmes designed to support:


Our concept for developing leaders



"Leadership is a key ingredient for business success in all sectors of public and commercial activity.  Our formula supports the development of good leadership within organisations and concentrates on 3 key components:

The understanding and self awareness of an individual's personal qualities, characteristics and behavioural traits and why they should form the basis of good leadership.

The learning, development and use of key skills and knowledge needed by leaders wherever they are delivering results through relationships with people, be they clients, customers or their own colleagues.

# The principles of emotionally intelligent leadership.  Developing the dialogue and relationship between leaders and followers to generate that atmosphere of effectiveness and motivation which leads to a positive working environment."


Financial numbers are critical to business, but it is the contribution of people in the organisation  that will have the biggest influence on growth, performance and market competitiveness.


An example of our approach is the programme used for supporting high potential leavers from the the Public Services and Armed Forces entering business  and is illustrated below:



The Accelerate Career Transition



Part 1

Preparation for Job Search

Career Counselling and Job Search Preparation. 

A programme containing 5 sessions covering skills assessment, CV preparation, job search strategy, application process and interview preparation for leavers from the Public Sector including the Armed Forces who are now seeking a genuine second career in business or the private sector.


Part 2

Transition Coaching Programme


The programme aims to accelerate the transition stage when joining a business for the first time, so as to achieve the most most effective transformation from working in a Public Sector environment to a business organisation.  For many making this change it is a period of uncertainty and presents a variety of challenges.   Accelerate provides the necessary coaching and mentoring support needed to make the transition period smooth, quick and effective for the benefit of both employer and indivdual.

This is a customised coaching and optional seminar programme delivered over a period of 4 months by experienced and qualified executive coaches. The programme is focused on the practical reality of successfully making the transition and gaining early success in a completly different workplace environment.

Both parts of Accelerate have been designed by a career coach who has made the transition from the public sector into a successful second career in business. 

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