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Beyond Potential is a consultancy business specialising in providing talent management and coaching services to Companies, other organisations .

 Our current focus is on career transitions and the various challenges that face individuals as they move from one work culture to another.

Our solutions are uniquely customised for our clients and are delivered to the highest quality standards.

Beyond Potential focuses on improving performance by improving the talent in the organisation.   We would like to help to make our clients and their management teams more inspirational, motivated and skilled than the competition .

Our Philosophy.  We believe that a full range of highly practical techniques and skills should be available to those who lead, manage and control work......particularly so when business or market conditions are at their most challenging.   You may feel training is expensive, but stop and consider the time wasting costs and trauma associated with serious and preventable mistakes resulting from a lack of knowledge, poor judgement or poor people management skill.

The focus of the business is on performance improvement strategies using talent management and development as a key motivator for successful learning.

"Beyond Potential" is located in Kent in South East England only 70 miles from London and close to airports.

We deliver our services internationally however courses and coaching are delivered in English. 

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                                                                                   Robin Whittington  FCMI

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Robin Whittington FCMI
Tel/Fax: 44-(0) -1227-712044
Mobile:  44-(0) -7778-818054

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